Alicudi by Angela Russo


Angela Russo has always had a passion for drawing and loved the study of art.  She has studied under many leading artists in different subject matter and media.  As an artist she lives a life devoted to art and bringing art to life, while at the same time continuing to develop, explore and grow in all aspects of her chosen career.

In Angela Russo’s artworks she endeavors to communicate a celebration of life and a sense of beauty.  She paints what inspires her and brings her joy – the wonder of nature, people, places and animals…”the beauty of life.” Angela creates artworks that aim to lift your spirit, put a smile on your face, evoke a happy memory or induce a sense of joy and peace.

Angela’s artwork encompasses the media of pastel, charcoal, ink and acrylic. Angela Russo is a member of the Peninsula Arts Society and the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia.  She has taken part in many exhibitions and is the recipient of numerous awards.

The artworks in this exhibition of MEMORIES are in two collections an Italian Landscape collection and a Musical collection.The Italian Collection are of diverse sites in Italy which capture the colour, the light ,the history and the diversity of the Italian Landscape.  All of these paintings evoke memories of her travels to Italy.  The musical Collection are paintings that capture the joy that music brings to life.  All of these artworks bring back happy memories.

Come in to marvel at the luminous colours that emit from Angela’s art, a joy that truly has to be enjoyed in person.

Any interest and further viewing of Angela’s works can be viewed on her website. click here (Angela Russo).

Gondolas Venice by Angela Russo a